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Comparing the Price and Benefits of a 6KW Solar System in Perth


Homeowners in Perth have seen a rising trend in 6KW solar system installations. Solar power systems in Perth are growing in demand and popularity due to a combination of affordable pricing, sunshine-filled weather, attractive government rebates, and awareness of the environmental benefits. Considering that homes require a significant amount of power usage, many homeowners are turning to solar systems in the 6 KW range as their main power source.

A 6 KW solar system can generate around 23 kWh per day during optimum conditions. This is enough to power key appliances and meet the energy demands of most households in Perth throughout the year. With an average household paying over $2000 a year for electricity bills, a properly sized and installed solar system can provide significant savings.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide a detailed comparison of the pricing and benefits associated with installing a 6.6kw Solar System Perth. We will examine the factors that influence overall costs, evaluate the savings and advantages solar can provide, and also share insights from real-life case studies of Perth homeowners with 6KW systems. The goal is to equip readers with the knowledge to make informed decisions when considering solar installation.

Understanding the Price Factors

The total 6kw solar system price Perth depends on several key components and services. Here are some of the main factors that influence the overall cost:

Solar Panels

The solar panels represent a significant portion of the expense. High-efficiency monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels from reputable brands like Risen, QCells, and Longi tend to cost more but also offer greater power output. Generic or off-brand panels, while cheaper, may have lower conversion efficiency and durability. The quality and warranty of the panels should be carefully evaluated when obtaining quotes.


Inverters convert the direct current (DC) from the solar panels into usable alternating current (AC). Quality inverters from trusted brands such as SolarEdge, Fronius, and SMA can help maximize solar energy production. Advanced inverters with monitoring and optimizing capabilities may cost more upfront but can enhance system performance over the long run.

Installation Costs

Professional installation of the solar system by accredited electricians is critical for performance and safety. Reputable installers charge higher rates but provide value through their expertise, safety practices, and stellar post-installation support. Quotes with very low labour costs may indicate inexperienced installers, so a balance of cost and quality needs to be struck.

Warranties and After-Sales Support

The warranties on the solar panels and inverters should cover at least 10 years for products and workmanship. It’s also important to evaluate the solar company’s reputation for after-sales support and responsiveness. Established local installers who have been operating for many years in the region often provide better long-term service and support.

Brand and Quality

Opting for solar equipment from trusted brands with a reputation for quality and performance can minimize headaches down the road. While less expensive panels and inverters are tempting for initial cost savings, they may be more prone to issues or degrade faster. Investing in quality solar components from reputable brands ensures a robust system with a higher energy output.

Evaluating the Benefits

Installing a 6KW solar system in Perth can provide homeowners with a range of valuable benefits beyond just financial savings. Some of the key advantages include:

Electricity Bill Savings

One of the biggest perks of going solar is the ability to reduce your electricity bills. By generating your own renewable energy, you’ll rely less on the grid and can decrease your energy costs over time. With a 6KW system, many Perth homeowners experience 50–80% reductions in their power bills.

Clean, Renewable Energy 

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power. Harnessing energy from the sun does not create any greenhouse gas emissions. Adding a 6KW solar system allows Perth residents to take control of their energy use while reducing their carbon footprint.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

On average, a 6 KW solar system in Perth can mitigate over 7 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. This contributes to cleaner air and a healthier environment for future generations. Every solar panel installed brings us one step closer to a sustainable future.

Incentives and Rebates

The Australian government and many state authorities offer generous incentives for installing solar PV systems. Homeowners in Perth may be eligible for rebates, credits, or other savings when they go solar. Be sure to research available solar incentives before making your purchase decision.

Comparing Prices and Quotes

When investing in a major home improvement project like installing solar panels, it’s important to take the time to properly compare prices and quotes from different suppliers. Here are some tips to ensure you get accurate price comparisons:

Request detailed quotes that include all costs; Make sure the quotes break down all the associated costs, including the solar panels, inverters, racking and mounting equipment, cables, connectors, labour for installation, and any site preparation work required. Quotes that only show the total price don’t allow you to make an apples-to-apples comparison.

Ask lots of questions; Don’t be afraid to ask suppliers to explain each line item in their quote to gain a better understanding of what is included. Inquire about the brands and warranties of the equipment.

the total system size; Quotes may be for slightly different system sizes, so pay attention to the total kilowatt size being proposed. Standardizing the size makes for easier price comparisons.

Consider add-ons; Some companies may offer additional components like monitoring systems, extended warranties, or maintenance packages. Take these into account when evaluating quotes.

Reach out to multiple suppliers; get quotes from at least 3 solar companies for a 6 KW system. More data points allow you to feel confident that you’re getting accurate price information for your area.

Compare financing terms; If financing the system, compare any loans, leases, or power purchase agreements. The best system for your home depends on both the system price and the financing terms.

Getting multiple detailed quotes is the best way to feel confident that you’ll choose the right solar provider for your home and budget. Don’t hesitate to negotiate to get the best deal possible!

Case Studies: Real Experiences with 6KW Solar in Perth

Many homeowners in Perth who have installed 6KW solar systems have shared their first-hand experiences online. Their insights highlight the key benefits and potential challenges.

Smooth Installation and No Hassles

John S. from southern Perth said the installation process went very smoothly when he had a 6KW system installed on his roof earlier this year. The installation team was professional, cleaned up after themselves, and completed the job in just one day. John said he has not experienced any issues or malfunctions with his system so far.

Exceeded Production Expectations

Mary T. from northern Perth said her 6 KW solar system has produced even more clean energy than she expected. In the first year alone, she produced over 8,000 kWh of solar power, which helped offset over 90% of her home’s electricity usage. She was pleased that actual production exceeded the estimates she received during the quoting process.

Significant Savings on Power Bills

Bob and Jane D. from central Perth said that since installing their 6KW solar system, their quarterly electricity bills have dropped by over $800 per quarter. They feel the significant savings they have achieved mean the system will pay for itself within 4 years. The financial benefits have convinced them that going solar was the right decision.

Challenges with Inverter Replacement

While most experiences are positive, Liam H. from eastern Perth did have an issue with his inverter failing after 3 years. This meant added costs to replace the faulty inverter. However, the solar company provided a replacement inverter free of charge under the warranty policy. Outside of this hiccup, Liam says the system has worked great and he is still saving lots on electricity.

Overcoming Challenges with Solar Installations

Installing a solar PV system can sometimes present unexpected challenges. Here are some common issues that customers in Perth have faced, and how they were addressed:– Shading of panels: trees or other structures blocking sunlight from reaching all solar panels. This was mitigated by strategic panel placement and selective tree trimming.

– Shading of panels: trees or other structures blocking sunlight from reaching all solar panels. This was mitigated by strategic panel placement and selective tree trimming.

Structural limitations: roof orientation, age, or integrity are not optimal for solar panels. Installers devised alternative mounting systems, like ground stands, to work around roof limitations.

High upfront cost: Financial constraints make solar power seem out of reach. Providers offered flexible financing options, like solar loans and payment plans, to increase affordability.

Long wait times: busy installers and supply chain issues leading to delays. Companies expanded operations and managed customer expectations through improved scheduling and communication.

Lack of roof space: a limited area for the number of panels needed. Installers maximized efficiency by using high-wattage panels and stacking configurations.

Grid connection issues: challenges linking the solar system to the utility grid. Electricians thoroughly inspected circuits and coordinated with energy companies to facilitate connections.

Permitting difficulties: Meeting all documentation and inspection requirements for permits. Solar providers assisted customers with paperwork and ensured installations strictly followed regulations.

With reputable solar companies that take the time to understand specific site conditions and constraints, most challenges that arise during the solar PV installation process in Perth can be successfully resolved.

Making the Decision

Making an informed decision when investing in a solar system for your home in Perth requires thorough research and careful consideration of numerous factors. It is crucial to take the time to evaluate both the costs and the benefits before moving forward.

The first step is gathering quotes from multiple solar providers in your area. Contact at least three reputable companies and request detailed quotes that clearly lay out all equipment, installation fees, warranties, and any other associated costs. Having these quotes side-by-side makes it easier to accurately compare overall prices and services. Be wary of quotes that seem abnormally low, as they may be leaving out important details or costs.

When reviewing the quotes, look beyond just the bottom line price. Consider the quality of the solar panels and other hardware being offered. Higher-tier brands often come with better warranties and performance guarantees. Also evaluate the company’s reputation, certifications, training procedures, and safety track record. An established local provider with extensive technical expertise and happy customers can provide greater peace of mind.

While price is an essential consideration, make sure to also evaluate the potential long-term benefits and savings. Crunch the numbers in terms of the system’s estimated annual energy output and how much that translates to utility bill savings. Weigh these savings against the upfront system costs and the timeline for return on investment. A more affordable system may end up costing more in the long run if it lacks efficiency or durability.

By taking the time to thoroughly research providers, obtain comprehensive quotes, and evaluate both costs and benefits, you can feel confident in your decision. Investing in the right solar system will provide clean, renewable energy and significant utility bill savings for years to come.

Financial Incentives for Installing Solar in Perth

Investing in a 6 KW solar system represents a significant upfront cost. However, there are several financial incentives available from the government and energy providers in Perth that can offset the initial investment over time. Understanding these can help make the decision easier.

Government Rebates

The federal government offers a rebate through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme for eligible solar panel systems installed by an approved provider. For a 6 KW system, the rebate amount can be over $2000 based on the amount of renewable energy the system is expected to produce. This helps reduce the overall purchase and installation costs.

Solar Feed-in Schemes

Several energy retailers in Perth offer a solar feed-in tariff program that pays households for excess renewable electricity fed back into the grid from their solar panels. Rates vary by provider but are typically around $0.06–$0.10 per kWh exported. For an appropriately sized 6KW system, this can translate into thousands of dollars per year, effectively reducing energy bills.

Payment Plans and Financing

Rather than paying the full amount upfront, many solar providers offer payment plans or financing options to spread out the cost over time. This can include monthly payments, low-interest loans, or solar leasing models. Such plans make solar more accessible to homeowners who may not be able to purchase the system outright initially.

With the right incentives and financing options, installing a 6KW solar system in Perth can pay for itself within 5-7 years for many households. Considering government rebates, feed-in tariffs, and flexible payment plans can help make the decision more affordable.

Environmental Impact

Installing solar panels allows households to generate their own renewable electricity and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. By producing clean energy from the sun’s rays, solar systems help combat climate change and pollution from fossil fuel-based power generation.

According to a report by the Clean Energy Council, solar PV systems installed in Australia reduced CO2 emissions by over 7.7 million metric tons in 2019 alone. This is equivalent to taking 1.5 million cars off the road. With Australia’s abundant sunshine, Perth homeowners can leverage solar power to avoid over 2 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Transitioning to solar energy is an important step in building a sustainable future. Solar systems installed today will continue producing emissions-free power for decades to come. As more households switch to solar, Australia can gradually decrease its dependence on coal-fired power plants and meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement. Investing in rooftop solar allows homeowners to contribute to this vision.

By generating and using renewable energy on-site, households also reduce transmission losses that normally occur over vast electricity networks. Solar energy’s environmental advantages make it an ethical and responsible energy source for present and future generations. For Perth residents keen to minimize their carbon footprint, installing a quality solar PV system is a smart investment.


These past few sections have explored the various factors influencing the price of 6KW solar systems in Perth, along with the potential savings and environmental benefits they can provide. To summarize, it is clear that solar power is growing in popularity across the region, offering homeowners an opportunity to reduce their electricity expenses and carbon footprint.

However, this investment requires careful research and planning. When evaluating the costs, it is essential to look beyond the solar panels to associated charges like inverters, installers’ fees, and warranties. Comparing multiple detailed quotes gives a full picture of the true price. The long-term savings and sustainability gains also have to be weighed against the upfront price tag.

For residents of Perth considering a 6KW system, the key is conducting thorough background research and seeking advice from solar providers. Get multiple quotes that cover all hardware, labour and services. Evaluate both the price and expected performance to find the best value solar system. With sensible planning and investigation, investing in solar can pay dividends for many years through renewable energy and lower bills. As demand grows across WA, now is an opportune time to explore this technology and reduce your carbon footprint.

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